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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cooper Colors

Getting the picture,we will be one month.In August 1st,decorations of green,red and black adorn our Studio .This colors belong to Cooper and Cooper logo.
It isn't an accident that these colors are associated with Cooper.Over time,each color has become connected to the true meaning of the Cooper.

Green represents life and start.We are filled with more vitality and more thought,though a designer's work requires patience,skill.
Cooper is a new design group,many new blood into it.The color red came to symbolize challenge as associated with the product of Cooper.
The color black has the most direct association with the every designer of Cooper.Black stand for calm and wise.Black also signifies the golden light that came from the star that guided the good designer to new inspiration.

Time for us to shine,Cooper!

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud of being a member of COOPER~~ 靠谱!