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Cooper industrial design studio. The best campus design group in China.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cooper Colors

Getting the picture,we will be one month.In August 1st,decorations of green,red and black adorn our Studio .This colors belong to Cooper and Cooper logo.
It isn't an accident that these colors are associated with Cooper.Over time,each color has become connected to the true meaning of the Cooper.

Green represents life and start.We are filled with more vitality and more thought,though a designer's work requires patience,skill.
Cooper is a new design group,many new blood into it.The color red came to symbolize challenge as associated with the product of Cooper.
The color black has the most direct association with the every designer of Cooper.Black stand for calm and wise.Black also signifies the golden light that came from the star that guided the good designer to new inspiration.

Time for us to shine,Cooper!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Design Concept of Cooper

"Get different"One of the emphases of design is the differences between products, which could embody the value of products and attract a kind of attention. Nowadays, information is expanding, attention and information become contradictories. So, in this condition, winning attention means winning profits.

"Compatible design"We are good at searching out the balance point of capabilities inside products and the best means of solving problems. What we design is not only the product itself, but a kind of balance and conditionality, which could make products successful in the marketing.
"Details mean everying”We devise a set of methods for detail design, which could make designs maximum and optimization. It infiltrates into every design element, form, color, material and so on.

Our team

About 10 campus designers composed of Cooper design team, they have different education background and different experience, which could make Cooper more energetic and substantial. The core member have international education background. Cooper is trying its best to make the best “china design”.
For the same goal, seasoned senior designer and young designer work together, design together and learn from each other. Which could make the best design become ture.

1 Design Machinery
2Design Human engineering
3Product Generalize

The Cooper studio 608

Cooper work space

cooper 工业设计

Cooper is the most energetic and promising design group of China. Our service is from product concept to marketing entrance. Driven by an unnatural obsession for understanding people, brands and technology, Cooper innovates with soul.